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Washing and Maintenance

Washing & Drying

Treat your down comforters and pillows right:
All of our down comforters and pillows can be washed in your machine. Wash the duvets at medium heat up to 140F / 60 C with high water level and low drum rotation. We recommend a mild detergent, and please: no bleach.

The washing program should always conclude with a centrifugation at ordinary or, high speed. But remember: ALWAYS TUMBLE DRY comforters and pillows after washing to avoid mildew!
Dry them at 60-80°C / 140-170F together with a couple of dryer balls, or regularly take out the duvet and shake it thoroughly to break up down lumps. To avoid odor problems, let the drying continue until the duvet and pillows are completely dry.

 Do not wash your comforters and pillows too often. Smaller stains can often be removed with a firmly wrung sponge and a bit of mild detergent. Excessive washing may cause a reduction of the carrying capacity of the down filling. We know that down comforters and pillows are an investment, so here are some tips so you can keep them for a long time to come:

- when you get up in the morning, fluff up your pillows and comforters and turn your comforters over in order to let it release the moisture that it has absorbed during the night.
- also, shake your duvet well when you make your bed. This keeps it full, light and airy.
- you should air out your duvets and pillows as often as possible. Always do so in the case and never in direct sunlight. Avoid vacuum cleaning and beating. You may use a soft brush, and if necessary all of our down comforters and pillows can be washed in the washing machine.