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100% Cruelty Free Down


We have respect for animals and can under no circumstances accept the plucking of live birds! Precisely for this reason, our suppliers must present a written guarantee that the filling does not come from live animals.
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Made in Germany

Family Owned Business

100% Cruelty Free

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Our down products come from Hans Kruchen, which is one of the leading manufacturer of high quality down comforters and pillows in Northern Europe. The company supports and actively works for social responsibility and has respect for the environment and animal welfare.
TheDownComforterStore is a successful, family-owned company based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2008 by Renate Craft.
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Sustainable German Down Comforters

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but when it comes to getting rest, many of us are struggling nightly. When you have trouble getting comfortable, those precious nighttime hours tend to simultaneously flit by and drag on. And when you're not feeling rested in the morning, your entire day is impacted. We carry down comforters in range of sizes, including European dimensions that will revolutionize the way you share a bed with your partner. Our comforters are also available in various fill power ratings and weights, so you’re cozy no matter the season.

Think down is only for winter? Think again. Although down has powerful insulating properties, down and feathers are also incredibly lightweight and breathable, which results in better temperature regulation. Get warm and comfortable in winter without waking up sweaty from overheating; stay cool under the covers in the summer without having to sacrifice the comfort a down blanket provides.

The right kind of bedding can make all the difference. Shop our selection now to find superior comfort today. Our soft and luxurious down blankets and pillows are Oeko Tex Class 1, Nomite and Downafresh Greenline certified and made from ethically sourced duck and goose down, so you can sleep easy as well as soundly.