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Korkenkoepfe - Wine Bottle Stoppers from Germany

Meet the artist:

We are proud to introduce accomplished German sculptor Renate Ellereit-Laube to the US.
Renate started her career 4 decades ago by crafting sculptures for theaters, cultivating her taste for making her own sculptures over the years in wood, metal and plaster. She developed herself into an accomplished sculptor, who exhibited her work, more serious as well as humorful, in numerous galleries.

In 1997 she had the idea of advancing her character heads into usable items and created wine stoppers: her collection "Korkenkoepfe" was born. By observing carefully, Renate gives her "character cork heads" many facets and exaggerates human peculiarities in a humorous way. Put on a table on a bottle, those heads quickly become a conversation piece and add to the social atmosphere.

'CorkHeads' are handcrafted in Germany and made of durable plaster (and natural cork from Portugal), and are exclusively being designed by Renate. Many collectors are awaiting for new characters to be created - and follow Renate's work. So far CorkHeads can be purchased in stores in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria and, now also in the US exclusively through European Bliss Inc.

"I follow the interplay between intuition and, conscience. I lead and am led. I can feel the eternal source of creativity and artistic expression. I'm part of it - enjoying it."
- Renate Ellereit-Laube